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If you already have your powder formula and just need it packaged for distribution and sale, we handle all onsite.

Whether you need Gusseted Bags, Sachets, Stick Packs, PET, or HDPE Jars; we have you covered. Phoenix Custom will process and package your products in our climate-controlled, clean rooms.

Phoenix Custom is equipped with high-speed capsule bottling line, HFFS Sachet machines, capsule/table sachet machines and stick pack machines.



Phoenix Custom has four (4) encapsulation machines capable of encapsulating approximately 5,000,000 capsules per day.

We maintain change parts for size “0” & “00” capsules and run Pullulan, HPMC, Veggie/Vegan & Gel capsules.

We have relationships with capsule suppliers and can run NonGMO, Organic, Kosher, Halal certified capsules as well.



Phoenix Custom has four (4) blenders capable of blending over 20,000kg per day. Our largest blender is a 90cu ft Munson Rotary Batch Blender.

Munson uses a unique four-way mixing action that gently produces a thorough homogenous blend in less than 6 minutes; this is accomplished with no shear and discharges completely.

We also have various other blenders allowing for large and smaller blend sizes.



Phoenix Custom has an automated capsule/tablet/gummy bottling line with a high- speed capsule counter, desiccant inserter, cotton inserter, tamper-evident neck bander, HT6B heat shrink tunnel, and bottomless conveyor for date/lot coding on the bottom of jars/bottles.

This line is capable of producing 20,000 (60 count) bottles per day.

HFFS & Sachet Machines


Phoenix Custom has a fully automated Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Sachet Machine.  This line can form and fill sachets up to 45g of powder. 

Additionally, we have several Capsule/Tablet/Sachet Filling Machines, that can fill single, double or mixed pack sachets.

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